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Users can choose their own separator character for checkbox items (other than comma)

The answers of checkbox questions will be displayed and separated by comma. It would be great if I can choose my preferred separator characters other than comma, such as


For example:
Question: What kind of coffee do you like?
[_] hot
[_] sweet
[_] creamy
[_] non-caffeine

Template --> I like <<What kind of coffee do you like?>> coffee.
Result --> I like hot sweet creamy coffee.

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  • Andrea commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    - - - WORKAROUND - - -

    It is very simple, actually - - -> Use the SPLIT function.

    1) Go to the first empty column of your Form Response Sheet.
    Example = Col E

    2) In the first row (E1) put the following function:


    where A1 is the column where the responses of your checkbox are recorded.

    3) Now you will have the content of cell A1 divided in various cells.

    The number of cells depends on the number of options checked by the user in his response. Now you can also create bullet points!

    4) You can then combine these cells again.

    Example =B1&” “&C1” “&D1 will add a space and a coma between the cells.

  • Andrea commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The way checkboxes are managed atm is not really satisfactory.
    At least Google Sheet puts a Coma and a Space bettween different answers.

    Form publiher (I do not know why) just eliminates the space.
    As a consequence I somethimes find in my merged template a very long list of words only separated by coma. Totally unredeable.

    Maybe the solution is easy on this one. Bye!

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