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Option to Include Column Header Dynamically with Response in Form

Very simply idea. Right now when you create your form template you input the header between the brackets <<like this>>. This will display just your answer. What would be really nice, is if there was a way to indicate that you would like to display the header (i.e. question from the form) followed by the answer, maybe just by adding an extra bracket <<<like this>>>.

So for example, if we have a Form question that is "Requested Ship Date" that can be dynamically answered with a MM/DD/YYYY answer. This means you would have a header in your answers spreadsheet matching your question.

So currently if you typed
<<Requested Ship Date>>
you would get the result
from that form

However if this functionality was there then you would type
<<<Requested Ship Date>>>
and you would then get the result
Requested Ship Date: MM/DD/YYYY

This would allow you to avoid having useless, blank "leading text" from questions that do not have answers as the header would only populate if there was a corresponding answer.

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