1. Create a graph into form publisher with data from gsheet of each response

  2. Allow FormPublisher to connect to data from pre-existing Google sheets responses

  3. We really need to be able to generate a spreadsheet and a PDF from our responses. Create pdf & put data in spreadsheet please.

  4. refresh when edit response

  5. Response to be sent to a specific email address based on the response to one of the Markers

  6. Re-generate all responses (merge or individual)

  7. Option to send form responses into specified google slides

  8. Allow multiple responses to generate one multi-page document/slide show.

  9. Like changing the background of the violet color on the autoresponder. Is it possible to do that. Also if you can put a url in the autorespo

  10. Option to save last user response recorded instead of deleting it

  11. To save the <<Response URL>> for further edit in the spreadsheet

  12. Multiple choice responses: - selected response should be mapped to a defined cell (with the mark 'X', for example) in the linked spreadsheet

  13. Appearance of generated document from multiple responses

  14. Love it! Just wish it would auto-regenerate if people edit their form responses.

  15. Generate only one pdf or word document from all response.

  16. Send single form response to emails at a certain time

  17. Remove slide from Google Slide deck depending on response to question

  18. Pre-fill Data from another spreadsheet

  19. Provide a link in the response spreadsheet which allows respondents or editors or commentators to resubmit the forms

  20. No Response / Blank Fields should be Blank. Tags get removed from Published Document  ·  completed

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